Holiday Basketball skills development camp

If you are interested in some fine tuning during the holidays. Here is a camp for you.

2018 Winter Basketball individual skills development

WHen: January 2nd,2019 at 14h00
3093 Boulevard de la Gare, Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V9R2
Contact Person: Youb Chalabi –


–       Warm up
  • Foot Work with and without ball: body move, Eyes direction, ball protection with elbow’s and Dribbling low
–       The Art of Footwork:
–       Basketball Footwork Drills:
  • Inside out + cross over + layup
  • Behind the back + layup
  • Between the legs + layup
  • Spin + layup
  • Layups
–       Different ways to shoot a layup:
  • Over hand layup
  • Finger rool layup
  • Jum stop layup
  • Regular Reverse layup
  • Fake layup: between the wist, fake pass and move
  • ShootNG
  • Form shooting: elbow, follow through up, Arc shoot, board shooting
  • Fast shoot release:
–       Floater / Teardrop:
  • Drills: